by Vitaly MIKHAILIN, Dr. Sc. (Phys. & Math.), head of the department of physical problems of quantum electronics, Skobeltsyn Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, head of the optics and spectroscopy chair of the physics department, Lomonosov Moscow State University At present synchrotron radiation is widely used in all domains of science, which deal with radiation-substance interaction. This subject is studied intensively by a research team of the department of physical problems of quantum electronics at the Skobeltsyn Research Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. But this research started more than 50 years ago. BLUE LIGHT Discovery of synchrotron radiation was predicted in the spring of 1944 by Dmitry Ivanenko and Isaak Pomeranchuk (Academician from 1964), both Drs Sc. (Phys. & Math.). Addressing a theoretical physics seminar at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU), which discussed the maximum energy of electron acceleration in betatron (cyclic induction accelerator*), they contemplated that limitation of this characteristic was caused by gyrosynchrotron radiation with a capacity proportional to a biquadrate of accelerated particle energy. Though * Cyclic accelerator is an accelerator of charged particles, where they move along orbits close to circular or spiral ones passing many times through one and the same accelerating electrodes. -- Ed. стр. 36 not all those present agreed to such reasoning, the authors of that hypothesis sent articles with presentation of their ideas for printing, which were published in the same year in the magazine Proceedings of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Physical Review (USA). But soon the American physicist John Blewitt showed that the theoretical prediction by Ivanenko and Pomeranchuk was confirmed: on reaching of the maximal energy by electron ~100 MeV radiation reduction of its orbit radius is observed, and a particle falls on an ... Читать далее
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