FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Actual problems of fundamental science” - APFS’2021 June 01-05, 2021, Lutsk-Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE ETHERINGTON'S PARALOGISM It was shown that Etherington’s identity is paralogism. Etherington’s identity is based on the imaginary relativistic dilation of intrinsic time of the galaxy by (1+z) times, but the presence of a relativistic anisotropy of luminosity of stars quickly moving away from it is ignored in the frame of reference of spatial coordinates and time (FR) of the observer. Etherington did not take into account the fact that the Universe is homogeneous only in the comoving FR in the expanding Universe, and recklessly made a “mix” of the phenomena and features inherent in two different FRs. Introduction The concept of Universe homogeneity may be applied only to comoving FR in the expanding Universe (CFREU). In CFREU the radial distancing of galaxies from the observer is absent. Mutually proportional evolutional shrinkage of length standard and of all macro and micro objects of matter takes place in CFREU instead. All infinite fundamental space of CFREU is covered by the event horizon (pseudo-horizon of the past) in the gravithermodynamic FR (GT-FR) [Danylchenko, 2020: 5] of evolutionally self-contracting matter. Relativistic failure to comply with simultaneity of simultaneous in CFREU events takes place in GT-FR. As a result, only infinitely far cosmological past is simultaneous with any event in people’s world (in GT-FR) on this pseudo-horizon [Danylchenko, 2004: 33; 62]. Thus, concentration of astronomical objects in GT-FR inevitably increases while approaching this pseudo-horizon of the past and, consequently, while deepening into cosmological past. Therefore, the Universe can not be homogeneous in GT-FR’s intrinsic space in principle. Only two known solutions of equations of GR gravitational field can be juxtaposed to expanding Universe. Those are: Schwarzschild solution [Schwarzschild, 1916: 189] when the value of cosmo ... Читать далее
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