Author: N. I. PETROV THIS IS TAUGHT AT WEBINARS THAT ARE REGULARLY HELD UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Keywords: webinar, electronic seminar, Eastern countries, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Do Russian entrepreneurs know that when negotiating with colleagues from Uzbekistan, it is customary to take only the place indicated by the owner, and the further it is from the entrance, the more honorable it is? Should you only shake hands in greeting, accept gifts, or take food with your right hand? The less tea you are served, the higher the favor of the hosts towards you (there is even a saying: "tea to the brim for an uninvited guest"), and the more often you ask for a drink, the more respect you show to the organizers of the feast? Business etiquette in China is even more complicated. If you are given a business card, you should take it with both hands and look at it carefully for a long time as a sign of respect for the other person. But handshakes are not accepted, although in recent years the European greeting has taken root in the East. When making a submission, first of all, you need to name the company that you are acting for, and only then - your name. You should speak while sitting down, if the other participants in the meeting are also sitting down: reading the report while standing up, you emphasize your own superiority over the audience. It is strictly not recommended to present sharp objects, umbrellas, watches, or anything else edible as souvenirs; white color and red lettering are undesirable. Participants of online seminars (webinars) held by the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on Economic Integration of the SCO and CIS countries and the International Institute of Management for Business Associations (IMOP) have learned about all this over the past few months Russian Chamber OF Commerce AND Industry. Webinar is a new word in the Russian modern vocabulary, ... Read more

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