Selected problems in the theory of classical cellular automata
In the book we present certain results of the work we have done in the theory of Classical Cellular Automata (CA). At present, these results form an essential constituent of the CA problematics. In particular, we have studied such problems as the nonconstructability problem in the CA, the decomposition problem of global transition functions in the CA, extremal constructive possibilities, the parallel formal grammars and languages defined by CA, complexity of finite configurations and global transition functions in the CA, simulation problem in classical CA, etc. At present, the CA problematics is a rather well developed independent field of the mathematical cybernetics that has a rather considerable field of various appendices. In addition, with the equal right theCA problematics can be considered as a component of such fields as discrete parallel dynamical systems, discrete mathematics, cybernetics, complex systems and some others. USA: Lulu Press, 2018, 410 p., ISBN 978–9949–9876–2–7
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Selected problems in the theory of classical cellular automata

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