The Worst Runescape Story Ever Told
Ratcatchers is your worst pursuit on RuneScape Gold Runescape. Underground Pass? One Small Favour? Quests in contrast. Jimmy could've gone farther to demonstrate every painful step of this quest. The NPCs are more annoying than he shows, the Mansion run is a small piece of hell even WITH a manual, the fucking RUNAROUND this quest has you do will be a slog, (range covers from Ardougne all the way to Pollivneach,) the payoff is essentially nonexistent, and its unlikely you will wind up doing this JUST for the sake of a music track locked behind the quest which you have to play for a moderate clue scroll.Allow this experience is rewritten by Jimmy only so that others don't have to endure the conversation any longer. I forgot to include that it is also trying at one stage because YOUR CAT CAN LITERALLY DIE. And it occurs MORE than you might imagine because in order to cure your cat through the event you need to use your food onto a hole in the wall instead of in your cat, or clicking on your own meals. It is horribly counter-intuitive and can be easily missed!Pass that is underground is one of the best quests in the entire game, people don't get their agility to it and battle. It is sick if you are not failing the agility checks all. The atmosphere is incredible and the story is cool. One Small Favour has some of the best dialogue, also. It's frustrating due to how much time it is, but that's entirely the point. I concur that Underground Pass is amazing. The story of it and the end is actually pretty engaging. I was only using it as an example of some the "notorious" quests to compare.I think it's only unpopular because individuals approach quests like checkboxes to be gotten done with as quickly as possible and subsequently forgotten. It's a fun little stroll through the 17, if you approach it as a quest. It is even a novelty in case you've gotten accustomed to areas. It is funny, since the most recent time I did this pursuit, I had that experience as a result of my st ... Read more
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The Worst Runescape Story Ever Told

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