The evidence of absence of the accelerating expansion of the Universe
The evidence of absence of the accelerating expansion of the Universe(Paper presented at the XX Gamow International Astronomical Conference, 9-16 August, 2020, Odessa, Ukraine.) It is shown that, according to GR, only the transverse metric distances – the transverse comoving distance and the angular diameter distance similar to it – can obey the Hubble linear dependence. The transverse comoving distance DM=(c/H)z belongs to the comoving frame of reference in the expanding Universe (CFREU) and is determined by the redshift of the emission wavelength z=Δλ/λ0. The angular diameter distance DA=-(c/H)ž belongs to the frame of reference (FR) of the observer of an expanding Universe and is determined by the redshift of the frequency of the emission wave ž=Δν/ν0= -z/(1+z). The luminosity distance DL=(c/H)(1+z)1/2z is not the transverse metric distance and therefore its dependence on redshift is nonlinear. It is taken into account that the Hubble constant, like the length standards and the constant of the velocity of light c, is a fundamentally unchangeable quantity in the rigid FRs. Its exact value is empirically found H=с(Λ/3)1/2= (π4α/8NDn)νbn= (2π/3)αtp2(πνbn/2)3= (2π/3)Ge2(mn/4ħ)3= 2,018859•10-18 [s-1]= 62,29548 [km/sMpc], where: Λ is the cosmological constant, NDn=1,5(tpνbn)2= 3πchmn-2/G= 0,999885•1040 is the neutron large Dirac number, α=e2/cħ is the fine structure constant, νbn=mnc2/2πħ is the de Broglie wave frequency of the neutron, tp=(c5ħG)1/2 is the Planck time, ħ=h/2π is the Dirac-Planck constant, G is the Newton’s gravitational constant, e is the electric charge of the proton and electron, mn is the mass of neutron. It was shown that Etherington’s identity is paralogism. Etherington’s identity is based on the imaginary relativistic dilation of intrinsic time of the galaxy by (1+z) times, but the presence of a relativistic anisotropy of luminosity of stars quickly moving away from it is ignored in the FR of observer. Etherington did not take into account the fa ... Читать далее
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The evidence of absence of the accelerating expansion of the Universe

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