P. Y. TSVETOV Candidate of Historical Sciences Key words: China, Heilongjiang, Harbin International Trade and Economic Fair, Far East, Border Trade China's Heilongjiang Province is geographically, historically and economically close to Russia. With five subjects of the Russian Federation - the Amur Region, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Trans-Baikal, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories-this province has a border length of more than 3 thousand km. Even at the beginning of the last century, our compatriots were already working on the China-Eastern Railway. The Russians not only built the city of Harbin (now the administrative center of the province), but also created a unique cultural environment in the image and likeness of the one that was in their homeland: Russian architecture and theaters, Russian educational institutions, periodicals in Russian, shops. The architecture of the city traces the features of St. Petersburg and Moscow. In 2009, the tourist center "Usadba Volga" was established in the suburbs of Harbin. And when you enter this center through the wooden gate, you experience a feeling akin to teleportation from one civilization to another. After the rural landscape typical of East Asian countries, consisting of water-soaked rice paddies and small workshops on the roadsides, the eye opens up a whimsical view of the tourist center, reminiscent of a manor house near Moscow with a regular park, pond and antique statues, and a Russian village with an indispensable church and well. "Estate Volga", according to the creators, should embody the image of Russia, its material and spiritual culture. Here, while strolling along the alleys of the estate, you can listen to Russian classical music and old Russian romances playing from hidden speakers in the grass, or admire a copy of the monument to Alexander Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo. It is no coincidence that the authorities of Heilongjiang Province have invested a lot of money in creating such a center of Russian ... Read more

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