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The external economic expansion of the West and the response of the internal structures of Eastern societies to it already presuppose two completely different sets of research sources. In fact, there are more of them. And almost every one of them is interd…
13 hours ago
MAN AND CITY IN THE LITERATURE OF THE EAST. Ed. by S. N. Uturgauri, Moscow: IV RAS, 2005, 180 p. (1) WHO ARE WE AND WHAT IS OUR WANDERING? EAST TO WEST. Ed. by S. N. Uturgauri, Moscow: IV RAS, 2007, 180 p. (2) To date, there are many studies, the topics of…
14 hours ago
The difficulties of forming a new Afghan statehood determine the relevance of analyzing the political tradition of Afghanistan and the foundations on which it is based. In this article, for the first time in the Russian scientific literature, an attempt is…
15 hours ago
In honor of the anniversary of one of the oldest and most honored scientists and cultural figures of modern Mongolia, the Academy of Sciences of the country and the International Association of Mongolian Studies organized an international symposium "Proble…
15 hours ago
Moscow-Lipetsk: Inform LLC, 2007. 382 p. At present, Russian historiography is in the process of rethinking the history of international relations, an important component of which was the foreign policy of the Russian Empire - Soviet Russia - USSR. Thanks …
16 hours ago
ЧЕЛОВЕК И ГОРОД В ЛИТЕРАТУРАХ ВОСТОКА. Отв. ред. С. Н. Утургаури. М.: ИВ РАН, 2005. 180 с. (1) КТО МЫ И ЧТО - СКИТАНЬЕ НАШЕ? ВОСТОК НА ЗАПАДЕ. Отв. ред. С. Н. Утургаури. М.: ИВ РАН, 2007. 180 с. (2) Н…
23 hours ago
В Китае, как, пожалуй, ни в одной другой стране мира, каждый год появляется чрезвычайно большое количество новых книг, посвященных тем или иным проблемам повседневной жизни, науки, искусства и т.д., р…
23 hours ago
В череде юбилеев множества событий победного 1945 г., которые отмечались в течение всего 2005 г., 60-летие V Панафриканского конгресса - самой первой крупной встречи представителей колониальных и зави…
"Цзинь пин мэй" ("Цветы сливы в золотой вазе"), или "Цзинь, Пин, Мэй", - наиболее оригинальный, загадочный и скандально знаменитый из великих романов средневекового Китая, вероятно, первый полностью с…
The phenomenon of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, due to the extraordinary importance of this institution in ancient Egyptian culture and social life, has been attracting the attention of specialists for a century, being the subject of diverse research and d…
The Third International Congress of Historical and Cultural Atlases (ECAI-Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative) on the theme "Space and Time in Eurasia" was held in Moscow from May 29 to June 1, 2007. The Congress was held jointly by the Program of Electro…
MOSCOW NUSANTARA SOCIETY On November 21, 2007, the society's meeting was devoted to the philological theme. E. S. Kukushkina (ISAA at Moscow State University) spoke about the diversity of creative met…
One of the directions of modern Russian Oriental studies - nomad studies-is currently undergoing significant theoretical comprehension, which is largely due to methodological research, the need to sys…
Front side: :   Progress Sums:-1,-2,-3,-4,-5...    1,2,3,4,5... We express the formulas:Sn= (n²a₁+n)/2, ; Sn-1=(n²a₁-n)/2,.  (n - Number of summing members, a₁ -  first member of the progression. With a negative or positive value n. Expressions Sn-1, Sn-2 …
2 days ago
Directional movement.       Properties of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet the neutral zone is the presence of force directed motion (self-motion magnetic) with a strong attraction towards any main pole of the other magnet (magnetized ferromagnet…
2 days ago
Collision of gas molecules is the source of energy. We assemble a simple galvanic cell (analogous to the well-known battery). We place two electrodes with a potential difference in a NaCl solution. With a fixed load of the external circuit, we discharge th…
2 days ago
© Magnetic self-motion.   Owner Andrey Andreevich Verner. The main property of the neutral zone of a permanent magnet is the presence of a directed force of motion (magnetic self-motion) with a pronounced attraction, in relation to any main pole of another…
2 days ago
В. П. АНДРОСОВ. УЧЕНИЕ НАГАРДЖУНЫ О СРЕДИННОСТИ. Исслед. и пер. с санскр. "Коренных строф о Срединности" ("Мула-мадхьямака-карика"); пер. с тиб. "Толкования коренных строф о срединности, [называемого]…
2 days ago
Сейчас я хотел бы кратко вернуться к возможным (упомянутым в начале статьи) возражениям относительно массового оттока золота и серебра как выбранного мною индикатора более низкой конкурентоспособности…
2 days ago
О восстании кавар в Хазарии известно только из сочинения Константина Багрянородного, причем византийский император упоминает о нем в связи с продвижением в Северное Причерноморье мадьярских племен. На…
2 days ago
THE "RUSSIAN" FACE OF ISRAEL: FEATURES OF A SOCIAL PORTRAIT. Comp. and edited by M. Koenigstein. Moscow: Bridges of Culture; Jerusalem: Gesharim, 2007, 503 p. The collective work devoted to various aspects of the life of the Russian-speaking community in I…
3 days ago
"Birds don't sing and flowers don't smell sweet on the island of Taiwan. Men and women do not follow moral duty, and are also insensitive. It will be acceptable to cede the island, " Chinese dignitary Li Hongzhang wrote in a report to Empress Cixi. More th…
3 days ago
ПУБЛ., ВСТУП. ARTICLE AND COMMENT BY D. Y. ARAPOV The Bolsheviks officially declared their benevolent attitude towards Islam and Muslims, the second largest confessional group in Russia (after the Orthodox), in the first days after they came to power1. Thi…
3 days ago
"РУССКОЕ" ЛИЦО ИЗРАИЛЯ: ЧЕРТЫ СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ПОРТРЕТА. Сост. и ред. М. Кенигштейн. Москва: Мосты культуры; Иерусалим: Гешарим, 2007. 503 с. Коллективный труд, посвященный разнообразным аспектам жизни рус…
3 days ago
"Птицы не поют и цветы не благоухают на острове Тайвань. Мужчины и женщины не следуют моральному долгу, а также бесчувственны. Будет допустимо уступить остров", - так писал в докладе императрице Цыси …
3 days ago
The fifth Conference of the European Association for South - East Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) was organized by the University of Naples "L'Orientale" under the leadership of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference P. Masina and the Board of…
3 days ago
Comp. by I. N. Vasilyeva-Yuzhin, Moscow: Rudomino Publishing House, 2007, 319 p. The 200th anniversary of establishing contacts between Russia and Australia was widely celebrated in 2007 in both countries. Scientific conferences were held, and books dedica…
4 days ago
The XXIII International Conference of the Association for Israeli Studies (AIS) was held on June 11-13, 2007 at the Open University of Israel (Ra'anana). The Israel Studies Association was established in the United States in 1985 as a branch of the North A…
4 days ago
A distinctive feature of Oriental studies has always been the complexity of research. Indeed, just a quick glance is enough to draw an unambiguous conclusion about the breadth and variety of problems. This situation is largely determined by the specifics o…
4 days ago
Religious diversity has always been a feature of the Middle East region. The need to ensure peaceful coexistence within a religiously heterogeneous society contributed to the emergence of a unique system of complex organization of socio-political relations…
4 days ago
Сост. И. Н. Васильева-Южина. М.: изд-во "Рудомино", 2007. 319 с. 200-летний юбилей установления контактов между Россией и Австралией широко отмечался в 2007 г. в обеих странах. Прошли научные конферен…
4 days ago
Почти полвека в отношениях с мусульманскими общинами на своей территории власти Великобритании придерживаются так называемой политики мультикультурализма, суть которой сводится к предоставлению различ…
4 days ago
Конфессиональное многообразие всегда являлось особенностью региона Ближнего Востока. Необходимость обеспечения мирного сосуществования в рамках неоднородного в религиозном плане общества способствовал…
4 days ago
The Central Zionist Archive (Israel) (Hebrew-ha-archion ha-zioni ha-merkazi, hereinafter - CSA) is one of the main institutions of the country for the storage and study of documents, where a huge amount of materials on the history of the Zionist movement i…
5 days ago
On October 12-13, 2006, Moscow hosted the international conference "Russia-Israel: 15 Years of Restoring Diplomatic Relations", organized by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the assistance of the Russian Foreign Min…
5 days ago
2 ноября 2006 г. ушла из жизни выдающийся литературовед-африканист, доктор филологических наук, профессор Ирина Дмитриевна Никифорова. Ее незаурядная личность была и остается знаковой для российской а…
5 days ago
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Why is it important to save your scholarly work in a digital library?

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your scholarly work online. Let's focus on the main ones:
  1. Wide access: The Internet allows researchers and scholars around the world easy access to your scholarly work. This is especially important for those who live or work in remote countries or regions or sparsely populated areas where access to scholarly publications may be limited.
  2. Preservation and dissemination of knowledge: The preservation and dissemination of scientific works on the Internet ensures the preservation and dissemination of knowledge that can be used to advance science. This helps avoid duplication of research and facilitates access to previous works, which contributes to faster human progress.
  3. Citation: Storing research papers online at a specific address provides a permanent link to your work, making it easier for other scientists to cite and use your research. It also helps to increase your citation index in academia.
  4. Archiving: Storing research papers online ensures that they are archived and preserved for the future. This is important so that researchers can access previous works and use them in their own research.
  5. Dissemination of ideas: Keeping scientific papers online provides an opportunity to disseminate ideas and research results to a wide audience. This can lead to a broader discussion of ideas and a faster dissemination of knowledge in the scientific community.

What can I save in a digital library?

In a digital library, authors can save all kinds of digital information:
  1. E-books: digital versions of books, which can be saved in PDF, DJVU, or other e-book formats.
  2. Scientific articles: scientific publications that can be saved in text form for reading from a computer screen or other gadget or in PDF or other electronic article formats (in which case articles can also be read from both desktop and mobile device screens).
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  11. Research information: digital versions of articles, reports, dissertations, and other research-related materials.
  12. Electronic diaries: digital versions of diaries and other personal entries. The library has a special section for author diaries, where you can keep entries in chronological order.
  13. Electronic patents: digital versions of patents and other documents related to intellectual property.
  14. Internet Archives: electronic versions of web pages and other online materials that can be saved in archiving programs and uploaded for preservation in the library.
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All services to authors and readers are provided free of charge. So it was, so it is and so it will be. There are several reasons why the library stores and makes available information published by authors for free:
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  2. Dissemination of knowledge. The purpose of digital libraries is to disseminate knowledge and information throughout the world. Free access to information contributes to this goal because it allows people to access the latest scientific discoveries and other important information resources.
  3. Social effect. Many authors, especially those who publish their works in the electronic library, do not receive direct financial benefits from their publications, but do so in order to promote science and disseminate knowledge. Providing free access to their work helps them achieve this goal.
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